Monday, June 25, 2007

*crickets chirping*

I've largely disappeared over here. If anybody still checks here or stumbles over it, my more updated blog can be found here. It's not as "deep," I guess, but it's life. Less academic, more pedestrian. Anyhow, that's where I am.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Adam, where are you?

That's such a rhetorical question. God always knows where we are -- physically, mentally, spiritually, geographically. He knows the exact distance our hearts are from his. And he draws us continually nearer.

He knows where I've been.

Lately, I've been in a tiny not-town called Frog Jump (unincorporated). God has once again disrupted my daily norm, stripped away those things I'd come to think of as comforting, familiar and home. He's stripped away those things I found comfortable and placed me in the middle of a foreign land, pushed me toward another goal, making me take yet another step. And I praise him for it.

It's easy to write about my current struggles or upsets -- ultimately, they are of little matter. It's harder to write about those displaced by the winds, rain, floods and death. It's harder still to know that this is not a condition limited to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Throughout our world, there are people trapped in poverty, paralyzed by hunger, suffering, mistreated, and -- above all -- lost.

And to all of us, God calls daily: Where are you?

Sometimes he calls with the voice of a brother in need: hungry, barefoot, abused and broken -- where are you? Blind, deaf and dying -- where are you? Haunted by past and present with only dread and fear for the future -- where are you?

Where are you?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Dark Side

I'm a liar listening to liars.

I believe a number of things that honestly ought never to have entered my head.

At any give time, I adhere wholeheartedly to the Liar's Creedo:
    At times, I believe:
  • I'm no good
  • And neither are you
  • Things will only get worse
  • And they were never really better
  • But I'm okay
  • In fact, I'm fine
  • I know what's best
  • Sometimes I'm the only one who does
  • And if I don't look out for me, no one will
  • This is the way things really are.

The Voice of Truth tells me a different story...

  • His strength is made perfect in my weakness
  • We are all his children
  • There is victory
  • The Lord reigns
  • All have sinned
  • But there is therefore now no condemnation
  • His ways are not our ways
  • The fool has said in [her]heart "there is no God"
  • Love your neighbor as yourself
  • This is the way things "really" are.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I have a very shiny, magnetic nametag. In about 22pt. type, someone has correctly spelled my name and stamped it deep in the metal faced, plastic backed thing that hovers just beneath my right shoulder, a weighted reminder of where I am.

I'm at HopeWorks, a "small" ministry of the churches of Christ. I say "small," because we're headquartered in the basement of another church right now. I say "small" because our staff consists of about 7 full-time people and one extremely full-time volunteer (about whom I'll have much more to say later). I say "small" because in tangible ways, this ministry doesn't make a huge geographic blip on anyone's corporate radar.

As I sit at my desk during a brief lull, watching an apple cinnamon tea bag bleed brightly into the once-clear water of my cup, I realize how "small" we are, but how God uses the small to accomplish the big.

We have opportunity to change lives - the lives of more than a dozen people at a time. For 13 weeks, we help bring them out of their day-to-day. I sometimes wish we could rapture them from their worlds, but instead we are given the ministry of sharpening the tools God has given them to change their worlds. It never ceases to amaze me the transformations that explode the fragile shells of prejudice, stereotype, and perceived potential.

Kip said last night that we're all jars of clay, all crumbling and some near-shattered. But it's in that brokenness, through those cracks and that absolute reliance on something other than our own internal fortitude to sustain us, and through those imperfections that the Glory of God shines through. Because his strength is indeed made perfect in our weakness.

Working here is a constant blessing to a humble, crumbling vessle.

Monday, June 06, 2005

By the way (part 2):

That photo should not be taken as any sort of proof that I actually exist. Ask Matt: I am bigfoot.

By the way....

By the way, this has a lot to do with where I've been...

Ain't he cute?

Georgia On My Mind and Drool On My Pillow

I kinda disappeared again. My bad.

Honestly, I disappeared for a good reason this time: life changing stuff, just for kicks.

This past weekend, though, I got to traipse off to the wide world of HotLanta to see ... pretty much everything. And also Matt.

Matt is a darn good guy with a wonderful wife and a passle of (read: "three")adorable kids. Just all around good stuff there in Atlanta.

Met people, did stuff.smelled the fish tacos. Was good.

Now I'm back. More updates about my fascinating life to follow.... stay tuned!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Just Curious. Really...


What's great about Atlanta?

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Today has been a shade of incredible. Actually, "incredible" is a poor word when it's broken down to its literal bits, but that's far beside the point. Take the word at face value and it fits the situation nicely.

Today has been good because God was most certainly present at our worship today. He is active in the hearts of so many and it's good to see it in ways I can't deny. I supposed today was breathed of God and therefore inspired. Enthusiastically (lit. possed of God), we praised - without our hearts, minds and spirits.

Tonight we are called to remember. Daily we are called to remember; tonight we were reminded to do so. Remember not only the times God has graced, blessed and saved us, but also those times in which he has chastised, corrected and led us to a better place through ways one might (indeed will) deem unpleasant.

Even in those times when we believe God is the thorn in our sides, he's our healer, comfort and Lord.

No real point here, either. Just rambling on the greatness of God.